Metering Services

Integrated Metering Excellence for Revolutionising Utility Management with Advanced Field Solutions

At ETS, we offer a comprehensive range of metering services that encompass electrical, plumbing, and civil works. Our specialisation lies in digital meter installations and aged meter replacement programs.

A core element of our value proposition lies in reliable and effective field service management. We are actively developing field solutions that can dynamically adapt to the specific integration level and requirements of our utility clients, and take immense pride in our authorised and suitably qualified teams who install and maintain utility assets critical for Australia’s reliable and safe water and energy supply.

For our water customers, we provide a host of solutions including meter reading, meter testing, sub meter audits, backflow installation and compliance, and eyewash station testing and maintenance.

We offer electrical solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client from small residential projects to large industrial operations.

Our specialty lies in digital metering installations, mass market aged meter replacements, electrical testing and compliance audits. We’re equipped to handle all electrical service needs across domestic, commercial, and industrial settings with precision and care.

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Electrical Services

Our Electrical Services provide advanced field-based solutions tailored to the evolving needs of Tier 1 network operators, meter providers and asset managers. Specialising in trade-based workforce solutions, we help support positive client outcomes through the efficient maintenance of their electrical assets, across residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We enable our supply chain from procurement to in field customer installation.

Recognising the diverse requirements of our clients, we offer customised delivery plans to meet the specific needs of each project. With decades of industry experience, we are at the forefront of retailer and utility metering installations and are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Our focus is on enhancing operational efficiency, which includes delivering a safety focused, quality focused, customer centric outcome.

At ETS, we are known for our expertise and innovation. From our people first approach to proactive maintenance strategies, our dedicated team of expert electricians prioritize efficiency and safety in every project they complete. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all electrical equipment and practices meet stringent industry standards and regulations, providing reliable and lawful service.


Water Utility Metering Division

ETS boasts a national water utility metering division that is committed to innovation and has been an active participant in growing the Australian metering sector.

We offer our expertise in inventory management, a proven meter reading solution (Itron’s – Temetra platform), and robust local support through established depots and a dedicated delivery team.

We are skilled in installing Meter Interface Units (MIU) digital devices, along with IoT-enabled Smart Water Meters and Mechanical Water Meters. Our licensed plumbers are also experienced with the requirements needed to install smart meters across a range of different property types for different types of consumers.

Our capabilities in installing smart and reliable metering solutions also extends to being able to make existing mechanical water meters smart by attaching clever logging devices (MIU) across most Low-Power wide area networks (LPWAN).

Our skilled meter services team are individually equipped with digital devices which ensures accurate and timely services are performed.

Metering News

Metering News

We recently welcomed 80 new team members who have joined us throughout many parts of Queensland and will support our electrical contract.

We have engaged new team members in roles across payroll, scheduling, administration, meter reading, electricians, operations and HSEQ.

To support this growth we have also opened a new depot on the Sunshine Coast bringing our total number of depots across Australia to 40.


Career Opportunities

Do you want to be part of an innovative, and industry leading infrastructure management company? At ETS we provide a culture of safety, first-rate equipment and believe our employees are our most valuable asset.

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